I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly confused about which day of the week it is. The kids are off of school, so we’re missing that routine. My husband usually doesn’t work Fridays, but he did yesterday. Because of Christmas, we went to church on Tuesday, and we visited relatives which we usually do on weekends. So, according to my inner-calendar calculations today should be a….Tuesday? No…a Friday? Or maybe a Thursday?

In reality, it is Saturday. I had to check the calendar to verify this, even though my computer told me so. Therefore, yesterday was Friday, which means I missed the Fun Friday Flashback video. Tomorrow is Sunday, so I need to prepare a Sunday Celebration post. Today is Saturday so I can post about anything I want. And I choose confusion!

On a normal day, I don’t need any help being confused. It comes quite naturally. I am frequently calling my children by the wrong name, if I can come up with a name at all. “Hey, you! Girl-child! Unload the dishwasher.” It’s not unusual to find me standing by the front door with my coat on and keys in hand, wondering if I’m coming or going.

It will get even more confusing next week when it’s a new year. I finally got used to it being 2012, now it’s going to be 2014. I think. I could be confused about that, too. Some days I get confused about the month. “Hmmm…it’s cold and snowy…Christmas decorations…I think it’s December. Yeah, December.”

Oh, I hope this is just a symptom of being an over-worked mom and not something more serious! I hear this is a common condition with mothers so I think I’m normal. Or normal-ish. One of these days I will pull it all together and be organized! (OK, you can quit laughing.) But until then I will simply blame it on the fact that my children somehow sucked away my brain cells through the umbilical cord. It always comes back to the kids.

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Last Modified: December 28, 2013

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