The Princess

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As with many youngest children, this girl is an attention-seeker.  Whether she is putting on a concert in the living room or acting a bit ornery, she is sure to catch your eye.  She likes being the baby of the family and has grown accustomed to being treated as such.  She enjoys this special role and the doting that comes along with it, thus her nickname, the Princess.

Although she may claim to be bashful, once she feels comfortable with you she will talk your ear off.  And your other ear, too.  This is the child I accused of filibustering on a three hour car trip.  She loves attention and I can bet she will be on stage a lot in the future.

I recently read a quote that fit her to a tee.  Something about little girls who are bossy should actually be recognized as having leadership skills.  Do leadership skills include leading your whole class in song while on the school bus during a field trip?  Yep.  Watch out.  This kid is out to rule the world!


Photography by Shannon Aikin Photography.


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