DSCF1209I should get a medal, or at least some sort of certificate, for I have survived another Christmas Concert Season. Some may be confused as to my big sigh of relief. After all, Christmas concerts, especially those involving children, are a beautiful way to celebrate the season. True, it is a beautiful thing to see your child perform on stage, but it can cause a lot of chaos and stress at home.

They say:

“Mom, where’s my choir shirt?”
“Mom, there’s a big hole in my tights!”
“Mom, I need to bring my instrument home. Where should I put it?” (baritone horn, slightly smaller than a tuba)
“Mom, where’s MY choir shirt?” (different kid)
“Mom, I can’t find any black socks.”
“Mom, I need new shoes. My old ones don’t fit.”
“Mom, I need knee-hi white socks by tomorrow morning.”
“Mom, by the way, I had a mandatory dress rehearsal last night that I missed.”
“Mom, my black pants shrunk! We need to go shopping! NOW!!!!”
“Mom, do I have a pretty sweater to wear with my dress? The auditorium is cold. We need to go shopping! NOW!!!”

To which I reply:

“Where did you put it?”
“That’s because you tried to put on your little sister’s tights”
“Whatever happened to ‘I want to play the flute’?”
“Why isn’t it hanging in your closet?”
“If you would put your dirty socks in the hamper, I could wash them and then you would know where they are.”
“That’s why I asked you to try on your shoes last week.”
“Sorry, I didn’t find any white knee-hi socks in the men’s department. However, I did find these white thigh-hi stockings with a pretty lace trim at the top in the women’s department. They should work out fine for you, son.”
“Now you tell me!”
“Hmm…it does appear that one pant leg is 6 inches shorter than the other. I doubt anyone will notice. Just go ahead and wear those.”
“OK, I will go shopping for the sweater, but while I am gone you need to take a bath, blow-dry your hair, make and eat dinner, brush your teeth, curl your hair, help your sister with her hair, find black socks for your brother, help your older brother with his Geometry homework, and get dressed. We need to leave for the show in an hour. But, hey, you’re a tough 5 year-old. I’m sure you can handle all that.”

It all started on a Monday evening with a band concert. Then there were two performances of a Madrigal dinner on that Saturday. The next week there was a middle school choir concert on Tuesday. On Sunday was a high school choir concert which also featured one my elementary school kids. Last night three of the kids were in the elementary school show.

The performances technically aren’t over. Today, one of the school choirs is performing for a luncheon and another is caroling at different schools tomorrow. But as far as my involvement goes, I am done!

Despite all of the chaos and disruption to our normal routine, I enjoyed all of the shows. I have talented kids and I am one proud mama! I love watching my kids on stage, and more importantly, they enjoy it and have fun. I feel very blessed.

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