DSCF0805 (296x640) In celebration of November 1, All Saints Day, our youngest daughter and her Kindergarten class dressed up as Saints.  This is the Princess as St. Katherine Drexel.


There is a lot of confusion about the Catholic Church’s position on Saints. The Communion of Saints is the body of Christ, the believers. Because we have immortal souls, this includes those who have died. Just as we may ask our family and friends to pray for us, we can ask the Saints to pray for us because we are connected through Christ. It’s not like we are avoiding Jesus or going behind his back because he is the common denominator. We can and most definitely should pray directly to Jesus. But it is also good to ask our Christian brothers and sisters to help us, too. I think that God likes to see us helping each other out.

It is important not to confuse the words “prayer” and “worship”. Worship is reserved for God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – alone. Praying to God is worshipful. Praying to the Saints is a type of devotion or great admiration. Because the Saints were ordinary people from all different walks of life and having varying experiences, many people can relate to the life of a Saint and feel a special connection with him or her. Some were pious and holy as young children, others lived rather wildly and had later life conversions.  I can understand how it may appear worshipful as some people are a bit overzealous honoring a Saint. But we must keep it all in perspective.  Worship is for God.

I am just not as eloquent on the matter as I wish I were.  In other words, I hope what I said makes sense.  I found this youtube video to help explain it better.

Have a blessed day!


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