January 22 is the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that allowed legalized abortion. Many view today as the start of Pro-Life week, a time to stress the importance of protecting life from the point of natural conception to natural death.

Yes, I am adamantly pro-life. However, today I am not going to lecture about the evils of abortion. Now, I would like to briefly touch on other pro-life matters. Each of us is a wonderful, unique creation of our Creator. Our lives are of great value, whether as a pre-mature newborn or an older person in the final stages of life; the healthiest athlete or one suffering physically; the brilliant academic or the Alzheimer’s patient. Each should receive the same love and dignity despite our life’s situations. Just because it is not obvious to see the “usefulness” of one’s life doesn’t mean it does not have value. Although a person may be labeled in a vegetative state, the soul is separate from the body, and can still be of great benefit in praying for you and me.

I chose today’s song, “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant, as a reminder that each of us is special and can overcome what others perceive as obstacles. Happy Sunday!

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