DSCF1536Shoes, shoes everywhere!  I am in the midst of a shoe project.  We have 14 feet in this house, 12 or which are still growing, which means we have lots of shoes.  Instead of getting rid of a pair of old shoes when the kids get new ones, they just seem to get shoved under a bed or thrown in a closet.  But no more!  I am on a mission!

STEP 1:  A few months ago, I had all the kids bring me their old shoes.  The were placed in a box and sat in the corner of the living room for many weeks.  After getting sick of seeing them there, I decided to finally do something!  That was about 3 weeks ago.  My husband and I, aided by our I-want-to-be-included-in-everything five year-old started sorting shoes and matching pairs.  The matched pairs were put in a box and the leftover solos were bagged up.  And, again, they all sat there, in the living room…until now!

STEP 2 :  No more procrastinating!  Eagerly, I decided today was the day to take action.  A plan formed in my mind and I hit the ground running.  The matched pairs were put into two large trash bags to be taken to a donation center.


STEP 3:  Slowly, as other shoes have been found, our mis-matched pile had grown.  Surely, thought I, there must be more pairs now!  I set about the task of spreading out the single shoes and searching for mates.  I think I found only four.  ONLY FOUR PAIRS from our overwhelming pile of unmated shoes.  Above is a picture of the shoes that are left.  Sneakers, Mary Janes, flip flops, flats…this is worse than my pile of mismatched socks!

How does this happen?  All of my family have two feet.  We all are in the habit of wearing matching shoes.  If this is the case, why are there so many single shoes???  The others MUST be in this house somewhere.  Therefore, I am organizing a shoe safari.  We must hunt down the missing shoes and return them to their partners.

STEP 4:  No mattress shall go unturned.  No closet ignored.  No furniture unmoved…until I help these poor, unfortunate souls find their sole mates.  Wish me luck.

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Last Modified: February 4, 2014

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