We have two laptop computers, however, one is sick and at the computer doctor. You would think that this is not a big deal. We lived for years without laptops. Surely we could adjust and manage with only one while the other is getting fixed.

Oh. my. goodness. This is HARD! I am quickly becoming aware of how much we use our laptops. The one I am using now is “mine”, used primarily by me for blogging, bill paying, family business, etc., etc. The other one is shared by the kids, and that is the one being repaired. I am willing to share my computer during this difficult time, but I am getting impatient. I always thought of the kids’ computer usage as frivolous and time-wasting. However, I can see that is not always the case.

The Oldest needs the computer for a research project for school. My Curly Girlie also occasionally needs to get online for schoolwork. Playing games can be a waste of time, but when the Princess and Mr. Dude want to play educational games, I encourage it. The Dancer likes to get online and research information whatever American Heritage Girl badge she is working on.

All of those are good uses and I don’t mind sharing the computer for those things, but it puts a cramp in my style! My oh-so-important Pinterest browsing has been drastically cut! Twitter has nearly forgotten me! And without being able to spend hours on Facebook, how will I ever be able to have enough time to take important quizzes and find out which Barbie I am most like. How can I live without that knowledge????

I can’t wait for our other computer to return home. The wait has been nearly unbearable! Please, computer gods, have mercy on me and repair the laptop and get our home back to normal! Social media misses me!

Oh yeah. And I need to blog and pay bills, too.

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