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Last night was our Trick-or-Treat night.  (It was postponed from Halloween night due to bad weather.)  We had a Minnie Mouse, Pez dispenser, Star Wars Jedi, and a nun.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of all of them or I would have posted it.  The Oldest felt too old to dress up so he stayed home to hand out to anyone who came to our door.  It was nice that hubby and I both got to go around with the younger ones.

Of course, the kids each came home with a bag full of candy.  In an attempt to keep the kids from eating it all at once, I made a game plan.

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First, the kids dumped out their candy and sorted it so they could see what all they had.  After the candy was sorted, each kid got baggies with the days of  the week written on them.  I let the kids fill each of their baggies however they wanted.  On that specific day, they can only eat what was in their baggie for the day.  This will let them have their sweets, but in limited, controlled quantities.  Each kid also has a brown paper bag with his/her name to hold all of the baggies.

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To my surprise, they each had leftover candy.  They could have stuffed more into their baggies, but they chose not to.  Some of the leftovers were put in a bowl for Mom and Dad, some was donated to their older brother who stayed home.  Most will be thrown away (when the kids aren’t looking).

I didn’t plan it, but it turned out have some extra benefits, especially for the Kindergartener.  This was a good exercise in sorting — by color, by brand, by type, etc.  She also practiced sorting her baggies by the days of the week.
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This is the first year I have done anything  like this.  It sounds good in theory.  Let’s see how it works.

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