Monday, Monday…here we go again. But it wasn’t the same. The kids had a two-hour delay for the start of school because of the weather. My husband had a doctor’s appointment, so he left the house at the regular time. Once the job of getting the kids to school was done I remembered that Jayson had the day off of work. I kept thinking about his doctor’s check-up and forgot about this “free” day.

I love it when he has a day off, because it usually means just him and me. Alone time for a couple with five kids can sometimes be tough to come by. After his appointment, we met up, ran an errand, went grocery shopping, and had a nice, leisurely lunch. Afterward, we each sat down with a laptop and proceeded to work on a family history project.

When I had finished my part, I took the opportunity to stop and reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr. Sure, I am grateful my husband has the day off, but I am also grateful for the man behind the holiday. I took time to look up the famous “I Had a Dream” speech. Interestingly enough, I learned that the “I had a dream” part of the speech was totally improvised. Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer and Dr. King’s friend, shouted to him during the speech to “tell them about your dream.” Dr. King put the prepared speech aside, and started preaching. (Check out

Little did I know it, but my husband was on his computer doing a little MLK thing of his own. He was looking up related Youtube videos to share with the kids. I’m sure we will bring up the subject for discussion at dinner, too.

Today is not just another day off. It’s a day of historical importance. A day to remember a man with a dream.

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