As I was making dinner the other evening, the Princess came in carrying my cell phone.

“Mom, you need a new phone.  I was using it to watch Underdog in the bathroom and I dropped it in the toilet.  What should I do with it?”

Ugh.  My head started spinning with thoughts of a dead cell phone, all the while, adding ingredients to this-and-that and stirring whatever was on the stove.  “Um…just put it on the table.” I said distractedly.  And she did.

It wasn’t until a moment later that the thought hit me…was the water in the toilet clean or did the phone fall in pre-flush.  After consulting with my daughter, my worst fears were confirmed.  The phone fell into contaminated toilet water and now sat on my kitchen table.

“Oh…”  was all I could say.

After taking care of the cooking meal to insure the house didn’t catch on fire, I did what any normal woman would do.  I posted about it on Facebook.

I have often heard that when a cell phone gets submerged in water you should put it in a bag of rice to dry it out, so I did.  But that still didn’t ease my mind about the fact that my phone had been in unclean water.  I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to touch it again with my hands, let alone have my face against it.  My Facebook friends (when they were done laughing) were generous with suggestions on how to get the phone dry, but none offered suggestions of how to decontaminate the phone.

After the rice immersion, a wiping down with a Clorox cloth and a couple of days of charging, I have determined the phone to be dead.  Although, I wonder if there is something more than moisture being the demise of my cellular connective device.  As I was reinstalling the battery, I noticed rice stuck in the innards of my phone.  I was able to use a toothpick and pry out the rice I could see, but I wondered if I got it all.  Could a rogue grain of rice and/or rice dust have infiltrated the inner workings of my phone and been the real cause of death?  I recently heard that if Abraham Lincoln had been shot today, modern medicine could have easily saved him.  His death, most likely, occurred because the doctor who treated him stuck his finger in the head wound and fished around for the bullet, but that was the best way he knew to treat the situation.  Could this rice remedy be the doctor’s finger to my phone?  This was the only way I knew to treat the situation, but it ended up being the dead.

Or maybe it was the water.  Or maybe it hit the porcelain potty too hard.  I guess I’ll never know.  What I do know is that I won’t be putting that icky thing against my face.

The Princess was right.  Mom needs a new phone!  And it won’t be used in the bathroom by a seven year-old.



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