A typical laundry day at our house goes a little something like this:

Before everyone leaves in the morning, I issue the order, “Get all of your dirty clothes into the hallway!”  Groans ensue.  Despite the protests (most of) my kids fill the hallway with piles of clothing.

Once everyone is gone and I have the house to myself, I continue to add to the clothing-cluttered hall.  I add the laundry from my husband and me and whatever might be in the bathroom.  Then I go back to the kids’ rooms and do a quick search for any dirties they missed, and that is usually a lot.  I also cruise the living room and kitchen for anything else that needs washed.  Yes, somehow dirty clothes end up in our kitchen.  (If I am feeling extremely adventurous I could go outside and sift through the vans and find another load or two.)

This is the result:
DSCF0691 (327x640)

A massive pile of the dirty clothes of seven people.

At that point, I start to sort.  I sit amid the chaotic pile and try to make more meaningful piles.  I pick something up and toss it into the appropriate pile:  darks, colors, whites, pinks/reds/purples, gray/khaki, towels, etc.  DSCF0694 (491x640)It probably takes about a 20 minutes to get through everything.  I am usually left with 8-9 loads to do.  And we have the ultra-super-large capacity washer and dryer.  No wimpy machines for us!  We splurged on our when we purchased our last washer and dryer and it was worth every penny!

I have to admit, I don’t mind doing laundry too much.  Clothes are a major cluttering factor at this house so I feel a sense of accomplishment when they get washed.  It’s getting the clothes put away that is a pain.  (Oh, and ironing.  Yeah, that’s a foreign concept to me.  Only happens for weddings and funerals.)

My laundry pet peeves:

  • socks taken off and left in a ball
  • underwear stuck in pants
  • clothing inside out
  • clothes that I know have not been worn (BECAUSE THEY ARE STILL FOLDED) mixed in with the dirties
  • clean clothes, neatly folded, placed on a child’s bed with instructions for that child to put them away and they don’t but just sleep with the clothes on their bed for days and days and they get kicked on the floor, slept on, sat on, wrinkled, and need to be re-washed
  • wet towels left on a bedroom floor
  • dirty socks under the couch
  • clothes left in the van (especially socks)
  • running out of laundry detergent

Well, it is time for me to get some laundry done.  Tomorrow I will show you how I make homemade laundry detergent.  Easy and cheap!

Leave a comment below and tell me your laundry pet peeves.

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