Sunday is the Big Game.  OK, so I’m not really into either team this year. Although being from Indiana, I still have a soft spot for former-Colt-turned-Bronco, Peyton Manning, and I still like a good football game. And, of course, the commercials and the food!

I usually browse the internet and look for new, fun, tailgate-type food to snack on during the game. It has become our family tradition:  no dinner, just munchies during the game.  However, this year we opted to do a replay of our New Year’s Eve party food.  A simple and fun idea that can easily be thrown together at the last minute: a nacho bar!

On New Year’s Eve, my Curly Girlie came up with this great idea and it was a hit! Simply buy the chips and toppings and let everyone make their own custom plate of nachos. We even did this one night last week for dinner, but a bit scaled-down.

We had taco meat, refried beans, shredded cheese, queso, tomatoes, sour cream, and picante sauce.
DSCF1477 (1024x757)


The Oldest likes to make a pile of toppings then dip his chips.

DSCF1479 (887x1024)


My husband prefers to load everything on top of his chips.

DSCF1487 (1024x902)


A simple pile of chips with shredded cheese melted in the microwave for the Princess.

DSCF1482 (702x1024)


I like everything on top, too.

DSCF1489 (1024x769) (2)


In our New Year’s version of our nacho bar, we had lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and onions.  You could add jalapeno, olives, different kinds of cheeses or salsas or whatever you like!  This can easily be tweaked to fit a specialty diet, too.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a nacho bar pitch-in?  Everyone could bring a different topping to the party.

I  hope you have fun watching the commercials…I mean, game.  Grab a plate and your favorite beverage, settle down in your nice comfy chair, and be thankful to be in your nice warm house instead of on those cold stadium seats!  Have fun!



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Last Modified: February 1, 2014

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