This week has not been the greatest. I don’t exactly know why, but I have been in a mood. Grumpy, whiny, and lazy, with an emphasis on the lazy part. The exact factors putting me in this funk are unclear, so let’s just blame it on the weather. I mean, really, 65 degrees down to 10 degrees then back to the 50’s, all within 36 hours? God, someone is messing with your thermostat. Make them stop!

Anyway, I realized that I need to get unlazy when I just walked into the kitchen and found this:

DSCF1986 (1024x865)

You might not be able to tell, but that is a serving bowl and a serving spoon. I immediately knew what happened. Someone wanted cereal for breakfast and there were no clean bowls and spoons of regular size so they used what was available.

Sure enough, I walked over to the sink, to find it full of dirty dishes:

DSCF1991 (768x1024)

Yes, I have been slacking off on my domestic duties. The kids have been slacking off of their chores, too, because of illness, homework, a birthday party for Mr. Dude, etc.

But now is the time to turn it around! I think, I’m not absolutely certain, but I think I may have found a bit of motivation today, lurking in the corners of my mind. Just by making this blog post points to that. It is now time to harvest that motivation and put it to work…just after I check Pinterest one more time!

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