It’s Not Fair!

It is only three days after Halloween.  THERE IS NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF CHOCOLATE LEFT!  We have a FEW pieces of other stuff – Twizzlers, jaw breakers, suckers – but NO CHOCOLATE!  Woe is me!  How did this happen???

candy wrappers 1

For starters, this Halloween was a rainy, windy, blustery, icky day.  It was miserable to be outside.  Even the promise of free candy wasn’t enough to motivate the kids to stay out for the full 2-hour allotted trick-or-treat time.  We were even late getting started, so we were out maybe just a bit over an hour.  Decreased begging time means decreased candy.

Another problem this year was Halloween on a Friday.  With the kids home all weekend, they ate candy all weekend.  When they trick-or-treat on a weekday night, I can leisurely browse through their candy cache while they are at school, sampling their sweets without any competition.

I guess I need to hit the after-Halloween sales and see if I can find some chocolate.  I hope I’m not too late.  Welcome to the first big party of the Candy Season!

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