It’s no wonder I never get anything done. I just spent all morning on the computer and on the phone making appointments, returning phone calls, updating the calendar, etc. Apparently, today I am wearing my Secretary hat.


Simply saying I am a mom can sound misleading. I wear many hats. This morning alone I have already donned the hats of a Taxi-driver, Hairdresser, Cook, and a…um…hmm…what do you call someone who dresses a partially asleep kid so she won’t be late for school?

Each year I seem to be obtaining more and more hats. Some I’m not sure I am ready for. This year I added a Mother of a High School Student and My Son has a Girlfriend hats to my hat collection. When do I get the Lottery Winner hat? My hat collection may be large, but I can make room for that one.

Even with the addition of new hats, I still continue to wear the same old ones over and over again. Cook, Taxi-driver, Housekeeper…How is it that I can simultaneously wear so many hats and have so many duties, yet feel like my vocation is so mundane and redundant?

There is one hat that I mustn’t forget. This morning I was a bit cranky. Everyone and everything were getting on my nerves. The morning routine was getting to me. I knew the problem was me. Instead of just being sucked down into the muck (and dragging the rest of the family with me) I made sure I was wearing my Child of God hat. This is my most important one! I admit, that on occasion it starts to get a little lop-sided and starts to slide. At times, it might even appear that I’m not wearing it at all. But this hat is special. I slipped out of the front door to sit on the porch for some quiet time. Just a moment of prayer did the trick. It really changed my attitude. By the time the family came out of the door to get on the way to school and work, I was able to count my Blessings…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

From time to time, I may feel frustrated and angry that I have to wear so many hats. It’s at those times that I need to straighten up my Child of God hat and remember that I’m not in this alone and be thankful for the many roles that I play.

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