calendar-23684_640There is nothing on the calendar today. Just the regular stuff — kids at school, hubby at work.  We have NOTHING scheduled. This is a rare occurrence for a family of seven.

Something must be wrong.  I must be forgetting something.  I have double-checked and triple-checked my calendar.  I even called my husband at work to see what was on his calendar.  Nothing.  No after-school activities.  No Boy Scouts.  No dance classes.  No church or school meetings.  No field trips.  Hmmmm…..something must be wrong.

I’m not sure I know how to handle this.  It is making me nervous and anxious.  I KNOW I must be forgetting something.  Doctor’s appointment?  No, that’s tomorrow.  Teacher conferences?  No, that’s next  week.  Think, think, think….  I’m waiting for that “OH CRAP!” moment when I will suddenly remember something I should be doing.

I give up.  As foreign as the concept sounds to me.  I honestly don’t think I have extra running around to do today.  That means I have the whole day to myself!!!  I can just nap all day, watch movies, hang out on Pinterest…..

Yeah, right.  It just means I have a chance to work on the Work.  And that is my goal.  Off to work on laundry and figure out what’s for dinner.

Have a good day!

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Last Modified: October 8, 2013

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