Former New York City Mayor, Ed Koch, would often greet his constituents with his trademark phrase, “How’m I doin’?” Even as a young teen, that left an impression on me. How neat that someone in an elected position would directly and routinely ask those who voted for him how they thought he was doing at the job!

Too often, we undertake something with great ambition only to find our enthusiasm evaporates or our direction changes from our original intention. Or we are too busy patting ourselves on our backs for a job well-done that we can’t see that the job really wasn’t done that well.

I think it is important to occasionally step back and evaluate ourselves. I just did that with this blog. I spent time reviewing my posts and seeing if I am doing what I set out to do. On my homepage, I wrote:

I invite you to take a peek at our chaotic, cluttered life and how I am trying to make positive changes. On my blog I will post musings on motherhood, family anecdotes, and housekeeping triumphs and tragedies. Through all of this you may see my Catholic faith. I can’t do anything without Him (although I sometimes try, then fail)!

I think I have done a decent job of that.  I have shown you the chaos (The End of the Christmas Concert Season) and clutter (Bathroom Improvements, Part 1).  I have written motherhood musings (She-nager! and My Big Baby Boy) and family anecdotes such as Christmas Shopping with the Kids.  You can read about housekeeping triumphs (Attacking the Tub) and even the canning tragedy with my finger (The Corn Story, Part 2).  My faith is part of who I am and presents itself in varying degrees.  I try to share my faith without sounding too preachy.  It is a big part of who I am and therefore a part of my blog.

After reviewing, I am quite satisfied with what I have done so far.  Frankly, I thought I would disappoint myself, but I didn’t.  This blog has really helped me keep myself of track to reach the organization and positive goals I have set.  I have recently changed the look of, but not the content and direction.  I think things are going well.

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me, “How’m I doin’?”  Leave a comment or send an email.

Thanks for stopping by!

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