Happy New Year! Ah…New Year’s Eve…confetti, twinkling lights, party hats, festive music, fancy parties…

Yeah. That’s not my world, not my reality. That’s OK. My New Year’s Eve was a bit more toned down. Well, a LOT more toned down. Our “fancy” food was nachos. Our party music was the muted tones of the kids’ playing games on their Kindle Fires. It was a treat for the kids because they got to stay up late, but they didn’t do anything special. Our fall-asleep-early kid made us promise to wake her right before midnight, which we did.

It was so ordinary, that we almost missed midnight. At 11:45 someone glanced at a clock. The TV channel was changed from “House Hunters” to one of the countdown shows so we could watch the ball drop. I grabbed the cheap “California Champagne” I bought earlier in the day and someone found a bottle of sparkling grape juice in the back of the fridge for the kids. As we struggled to open the bottles, the countdown began. The kids shouted along, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” only to realize we counted too fast and had to backtrack, “…3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!”

My husband and I kissed as the kids cheered. We toasted in the New Year with what my husband described as carbonated vinegar (good description) and the kids sipped carbonated prune juice sparkling grape juice. Hugs and kisses and wishes for a Happy New Year were shared by all.

At that moment, all around the world (or at least in our time zone), people were toasting in the new year with real champagne, wearing fancy dresses and tuxedos, dancing to Aud Lang Syne, and proposals were made. But I had everything I needed for the new year. I was surrounded with the people I love and who love me, too. I look forward to spending 2014 with them.

May you all have a blessed New Year!

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Last Modified: January 1, 2014

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