February 29.  That special day that occurs once every four years, made up of all the leftover time from other years.  Because it takes the Earth slightly more than 365 days to revolve around the sun, the spare time is put in a Styrofoam takeout box each year.  On the fourth year, there is enough leftover time to make a full day — LEAP DAY!

So, how does one celebrate Leap Day?  I honestly don’t know.  Are there any special traditions?  Fireworks?  Leap Day Tree?  A celebratory Leap Day Meal?  What would one serve at such a meal?  Frog legs?  (Not in this house, thank-you-very-much,)  I suppose one could go around leaping all day.  However, not being a rabbit, kangaroo, toad, frog, lemur, or other leaping/hopping species, this does not appeal to me.

There is one group of people who will surely be celebrating today.  Happy Birthday to all the Leap Day babies!  My daughter’s bestie is celebrating her third birthday!  Even though she is twelve years old.  I have another friend whose son was born on leap day.  Once when he was a teenager, the mother and son were arguing.  She told him to act his age.  He snapped back, “I am.  I’m THREE!”

How ever you choose to observe this day, be thankful that it exists.  If not, it would be a plain, old, regular Monday, and that would stink.



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