Excuse me for being quiet lately here in Blogland, but I tried to focus my last days of Lent and Holy Week on my faith journey.  The internet can be a big distraction to me as I tried to comprehend and contemplate the concepts of love, sacrifice, and forgiveness.  I will never truly understand, nor will any human on earth, the tremendous depth of love our God has for us.  I simply accept that I don’t understand it, and maybe wasn’t meant to understand it during this physical lifetime.  And that is fine with me.  I have faith and trust in God.  I don’t need to completely understand Him.

I hope everyone had a beautiful, wondrous Easter Sunday!  My family and I were blessed by an invitation to have Easter dinner at our friends’ house.  Lots of yummy food and fun and fellowship.  Of course, there was an Easter egg hunt, too!  As the kids (and some of us adults, too) were lining up at the edge of the yard, waiting for the signal to start egg-hunting, their big, teddy bear-of-a-dog decided to wander into the middle of the yard and took a dump.  Once that situation was …um…disposed of, the egg hunt commenced.  I picked up a few eggs.  (Hey, it’s free candy!  Don’t judge!)  Being the ornery person I am, I emptied the yummy contents of one of the plastic eggs into my pocket then filled it with landscaping rocks and put it back down for my daughter to find.  hee hee hee.  Oh, the things Easter memories are made of!

Later that evening, when we were home, we lit a fire in the back yard and roasted hot dogs.  Not the typical Easter meal, but we took advantage of the good weather to practice for the upcoming camping season.    Being a scout family, we are sure to have some camp outs in the near future.  The fire was a nice, relaxing way to spend the evening enjoying our family.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Dyngus Day!  Dyngus Day is a holiday celebrated on the Monday after Easter.  It is popular in Poland and other eastern European countries, as well as in certain American-Polish communities.  I am not sure how it is celebrated in Europe, but growing up in South Bend, IN, Dyngus Day was a celebration of the end of Lent and a day to partake in yummy Polish food such as sausage, noodles, chicken…mmm…the memories!  It is also a popular day for politicians to campaign in local bars and social clubs.  Now that I have moved from South Bend, I miss Dyngus Day.  Maybe I will put on some polka music and dance around the living room.  Nah…that would just scare the dog.

Happy Easter and Happy Dyngus Day!

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