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Let’s review what has happened so far:

Friday, I woke up and enthusiastically talked my husband into deep cleaning the bathroom and putting up some new storage.  While I washed the walls with a damp sponge, Jayson scrubbed the tub and shower wall with Dirty Jobs Heavy-Duty Bathroom Foaming Cleaner and it looks AMAZINGLY better.  It actually took us two days to finish the tub because we took breaks.  Although there wasn’t much in the way of fumes with this product, we were working in a small area and our bathroom ventilation fan worked very poorly.  The fan was so bad that as I was washing the walls, I came across several areas where condensation had formed and left streaks in the paint.  It was especially bad where a picture had been hanging.  Because we couldn’t do anything about it we decided to repaint.  But I wasn’t about to repaint unless we got a new fan.  Why go through all of the trouble just to have the same thing happen again?  Hubby agreed.  We had long been disappointed in the fan’s performance.

Saturday was Install the Fan Day.  Let me tell you, we are not fans of Install the Fan Day.  This involved Jayson crawling into the attic.  The entrance to the attic is through the ceiling of the hall closet.  Of course, that meant emptying most of the crap from the closet into the already over-filled hallway containing the stuff that we pulled out of the bathroom.  And when you open that little door, clumps of 30 year-old insulation come tumbling down.  I have to brag.  Despite needing a machete to hack through the closet to enter the innards of our house, fighting with the old fan (which was very unwilling be replaced), and installing the new fan following directions with NO words, Jayson kept his language fairly clean.

As much as we don’t like to do much work on Sunday, we did do some drywall patching so it would have adequate time to set up.

Monday was supposed to be a super-productive painting day as my husband had the day off for Veterans Day.  Note I said, “was supposed to be”.  The drywall mud hadn’t dried completely, plus we had to do some little touch-ups where curious little fingers investigated this mysterious white goo (see picture above).

DSCF0922 (385x640)We also had a sick girl who needed cuddled.  I did manage to clean up an old shelf my grandfather had made and get that primed and ready to paint.  Jayson sanded the drywall stuff.  I mean, he made a LOT of dust all over the walls I had just washed.

Tuesday.  Three sick kids.  Not much done.  A bit more sanding, but that’s it.

Today is Wednesday.  Remember, this was just going to be a little one-day thing?  Yeah, right.  This morning I re-washed the walls in the bathroom so now it is ready to prime.  Will it get done today?  I don’t know…dance class and religious education tonight…

Stay tuned to find out more.  Same bath time, same bath channel!

Note:  I was not compensated in any way from the Dirty Jobs people.  I just bought their cleaner at the store and thought it worked great for our job.  Just sharing my opinion.

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