I really hate it when I work around the house all day and it doesn’t look as if anything got done.  I can be busy, busy, busy all day long and still feel like I accomplished nothing.  It is sooooo frustrating!


I have come up with a solution that helps me feel a bit better.  Instead of making a usual To-Do list, I make a To-Did list…or is it To-Done?  Let’s just call it a What I Did Today list.  Unlike writing a traditional To-Do list, full of things that need to be done, I write down the things I actually do.  After I do a job, I jot it down.  If I vacuumed, I write that down.  If I did the dishes, I write that down.  I make tally marks for each load I did.  I even break down the task into the separate, smaller tasks.  For example, I don’t just write down, “laundry”.  I write down, sort clothes, wash, dry, and fold.  Each of those smaller steps takes time to do, so why not give each its credit?  I even put a check mark next to each job to make if look complete.

By the end of the day, I have a list of accomplishments that I can feel proud of.  I can see where my time went and know I was productive.  It doesn’t hurt to leave the list on the table for other members of the household to “accidentally” see.  This little system helps me see the value of what I do as a stay-at-home-mom.  Sometimes, I need to remind myself of that.


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Last Modified: April 9, 2014

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