It is Monday night, 11:39 PM. Everyone is asleep. I can hear the gentle snoring of my beloved family, as well as the occasional squeaky bed as someone rolls over. All is peaceful.

I am exhausted but I am awake. Why? See above: All is peaceful.

Again, tonight, I have fallen into that trap of staying up after everyone else is asleep, just so I can partake in some quiet, peaceful, me time. No one is bothering me. No one is asking for a drink or complaining about dinner. No one needs homework help. It is just me. Me and a quiet and peaceful house.

As much as I enjoy this time to myself I will regret it in the morning. The alarm will go off and I will attempt to use my laser-vision power to melt it into a lump of quiet plastic. Then reality will hit. I don’t have laser-vision power. So, after hitting the snooze button about 5 times, I will groan and whine and get out of bed. By then, it will be late. I will be the walking dead speaking caveman-style as I start barking out orders to tired, dragging children.  Or worse yet, to chipper, perky children. I can’t handle chipper nor perky while functioning on little sleep.

As I am helping the kids find their backpacks for school while my husband chants his daily mantra, “SOCKS, SHOES, TEETH, HAIR!!!” I will fantasize about going back to bed after I take the kids to school.  That won’t happen because I will be hit with the realization of being a wife and mom to five kids will descend upon me. There will be chores to do, bills to pay, meals to prepare, laundry to wash, and more energy-draining activities. I will spend my day yearning for bedtime, when I can lay my head down on the pillow and sleep!

So why don’t I spare myself the grief and go to bed now instead of staying up later and later? Because all is peaceful now, and I need to enjoy whenever I can.

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Last Modified: October 29, 2013

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