Last week was the Curly Girl’s 13th birthday.  Although I have already thought of her as a teenager (she will be entering 8th grade in the fall), now it is official.  As I did with my other kids, I would like to share some of my favorite things about her.  Here are 13 reasons I love my Curly Girt!

  1. Her hair.  I love those curls!  I like to take ahold of the end of one of her curls, stretch it out, and let it go and watch it snap back into place, while I say, “BOING!”  She tolerates it when I do it, but hates it if anyone else does!
  2. She is artistic.  I don’t know where she gets it from, but she loves to draw and she is good at it!  I am always in awe at her talent.
  3. She has a lovely singing voice.  She was voted top 7th grade soprano by her peers.  Although, after going to an amusement park and screaming on roller coasters all day, she sounds more like a baritone at the moment.
  4. Her big heart.  She is kind, caring, and compassionate.
  5. She has faith.  She has questions, but seeks the answers and learns and grows.  It is an ongoing process for us all.
  6. Her willingness to serve.  Sometimes it takes some prodding, but she likes to help others.
  7. She’s a smart kid.  She has finally come to realize it!  Not in a conceited way, but she no longer thinks of herself as stupid.
  8. I think she is very pretty.  Sure, you are probably thinking I’m biased because she’s my daughter, but I’m telling the truth.  I think she’s beautiful.
  9. She loves to write.  Her preferred genre is fantasy (elves, magic, etc.) but she isn’t bound by that.  I read an email she sent one of her teachers and I was in awe at the maturity and thought process that went into that brief note.
  10. She is comfortable with who she is. She is a self-proclaimed nerd and she embraces it.  Whether out on the dance floor alone at a school dance, or refusing to give into the latest fashion, she is who she is.
  11. I love her smile!  it’s actually more of a grin.  It’s warm, friendly, and authentic.
  12. Her ability to fall asleep anywhere.  O.K., this may seem odd, but I am envious of it.  If she needs some zzz’s, she will get them.  Luckily, it doesn’t happen in school…at least I don’t think so.
  13. She’s my mini-me!  We are often told we look alike, and I see a lot of similarities in our personalities.  Despite that, she is definitely her own person and has a lot to offer the world!

I love you, Curly Girl!!!  Happy belated birthday!


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