For the first time in the twenty years that we have lived in our home, we have a mole problem.  I mean the small furry mammal, not the skin kind. There are little soft mound of dirt throughout the yard and in some of the flower beds.  I have researched on Pinterest how to deal with the problem, I just haven’t taken any steps yet.

Now, I’m not an avid gardener, nor do I dote on my flowers.  I always have good intentions, but very little follow-through.  If I remember, I might water the plants.  Fertilizer?  I bought some once, but I don’t think we ever used it.  I only pull weeds once or twice during the entire summer.  For the most part, the plants are on their own.

Today just happened to be one of those rare weed-pulling days.

I worked on one area, pulling at dandelions, clover, and renegade grass, snapping them off at the ground level.  Even with the help of a trowel, I seldom managed to get the roots.  Oh well.  At least it looks a bit better right now.

I stepped over weed piles and crossed to the other side of the house to work on another flower bed.  I noticed a couple of mole hills there.  No big deal, I thought, as I settled down to attack the weeds that had invaded the space.  Again, I pulled on dead foliage, snapped off my dandelion roots, and yanked at the wild grapevine that had wrapped itself into a hosta.  All the while I had this funny feeling someone was watching me.  I avoided getting close to the mole holes.  Is there something or someone in there?  I stared at a small hole in the dirt.  They don’t attack humans, do they?  I mean, if there was a mole in there and he felt threatened, what would he do to defend himself?  All I could think of was there is no way I could get my fat ass off of the ground quick enough to escape a savage mole attack.  I could imagine the ER personnel laughing behind my back.  I clenched the trowel tightly in my hand, just in case.  In case of what?  a two-pound ground rodent decided to go for my jugular?

In light of the distressing proximity of the mole hills, I gave up weeding and went inside and did what any sane person would do in the same situation.  I had a bowl of Fruit Loops and blogged about it.

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Last Modified: June 17, 2016

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